Live music is something special to witness. The energy of the artists and the band being matched with the energy of the crowd is a sight to behold and experience. There are several places around Texas that offer live performances, but some of the best places are in Dallas – the heart of Texas. Visit a bar and find a good party band to rock your nightlife.

House of Blues

This place remains packed each night, with partygoers lining up for a spot in front of the stage. Blues musicians and other genres constantly perform at the House of Blues, so you always have the chance to be amazed.

American Airlines Center

The American Airlines Center is always a great place to find the best music and concerts. The venue is huge and is one of the most popular spots in Dallas. Enjoy food and drinks with friends and family while you watch show-stopping musical performances.

The Rustic

This is another great place to find live performances and enjoy talented bands. There’s patio and lawn space so friends and family can enjoy fresh air throughout their visit. The menu is also delicious, so peruse the items and pick one to eat with delight.

South Side Ballroom

The South Side Ballroom is small, giving the audience a sense of intimacy with performers. They can be just a few feet from the band while they enjoy the music and relax inside this cozy venue. Several prominent bands and musicians play here nightly, so you’ll never miss out.

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The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

This is a beautiful place to see live concerts in a natural setting. The surrounding area is filled with places to hang out with family and friends, giving you a great time during the day and fun with musical entertainment.